Dawn: Back in Black PVC by Diamond Select Toys

Now for something a little different. I’ve had a string of new arrivals came in recently like the Azusa Nakano figma, ALTER’s new Clalaclan,  Orchid Seed’s Al-Azif, etc.. All good stuff, but all pretty well covered across other blogs and sites. Today I thought I’d take a look at another arrival this week, the very long awaited Dawn: Back in Black PVC released by Diamond Select Toys.

Every now and then I make the mistake of ordering a figure or two through my local comic shop. It’s not the staff or the store, they’re great about getting me the books I want and special ordering stuff. But Diamond themselves is just awful about reliably getting most toys out on a regular basis. Toys do generally take longer than comics and books but unless stated otherwise in the solicit, generally not more than 3-4 months out. This particular figure was solicited in Sept 2009, I picked it up yesterday… In fact if you go to Diamond’s site and look this figure up you’ll find she’s still available for pre-order, to be released in Jan 2010! Not the most up to date of information there. At any rate, the figure has arrived so here’s a quick run down of it.

As is typical with most western figures, no real scale is given. I neglected to take exact measurements, but based on its size I’d place it between the small end of a 1/6 to a larger 1/7. The sculpt itself is nice, if a bit uninspired. Not really the fault of the sculptor, more the fault of the designer Joseph Michael Linsner. I love his artwork, but a lot of it uses very stock posing.

The base is a faux-wood design which doesn’t jive with the figure itself, let alone with the clear plastic they have her standing on. I think it would have been cool to have her standing on a stone tile base with rocks in for the clear plastic to get the wanted pose.

I do like her face. It’s expressive and the paintwork on her features is pretty well done. You don’t see it well from the above angle, but they actually do paint her right eye which is hidden under her hair. It’s a nice touch that they remembered to do that, a lot of western manufacturers wouldn’t bother to reduce costs. I also really like the overall sculpt and coloring of her hair, it pops visually and really draws attention to her head despite the suggestive outfit.

The painting here isn’t the best, certainly not up to snuff with most asian manufacturers but it’s not terrible. The sheer skull patterned fabric is printed onto her pretty well, but it could have used some more shading similar to the fade on the top of her stockings. Would make it look more part of the outfit and less like tatoos. The glossy paint on the leather gives it a shiny look more like latex or rubber. In some lighting and angles it looks a bit tacky and almost like unfinished PVC.

It really is glossy, almost too much so. You can see the reflection of my craptastic lighting arrangement across both her ass cheeks.

From the side you get a pretty decent profile of her, and notice the chain around her wrist more. You also notice a nasty seam where the front of her hair is attached. Viewed from the front it’s invisible, but from this side pretty obvious.

Close up view of the chain, knife, and hand. Her hands really were the low point in this paint job. I could get past the shine but the hands really look poorly done. Bits of paint scuffs here and there and the shine they have is slightly pastier than that of the rest of her skintone.

The other side fares quite a bit better. The hair seamline is hidden much better by the curls here. The painting on this hand was slightly better than the left hand, probably because it’s not a clenched fist. The rose is well made, solid despite the thin vine, and the flower itself has some nice sculpt details.

Summary: For a western designed figure this isn’t nearly as bad as most of what you see. The price point is surprisingly reasonable, she retails for $39.99. Any other western comic property is usually twice that due to all the insane license fees. I’m pleased with the purchase. I love Linsner’s artwork and this brings it into three dimensions pretty well. The paint could have been better and a few details could have been changed with the base and bustier, but overall it’s an okay deal.

Paint: 4/10
Pose: 6/10
Quality/Sculpt: 5/10
Overall: 5/10


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