Native’s Kousoku Mko (NSFW)

This week Kousoku Mko by Native (link) finally came into my possession. This was a figure I’ve been hunting for since I first learned about it (sadly long after it’d already sold out). Stubborn perseverance and compulsive refreshing of Mandarake finally paid off. Every time I looked for details on this figure people only had great things to say about her once they’d seen it. I’m very happy to report that I can wholeheartedly agree.

Please read on for my review of Kousoku Mko as well as some photos from my unboxing and set-up of her. NSFW photos below the cut.

This figure is big, I was expecting something it to be more dainty and tiny as ero figures tend to be but this isn’t the case. She is listed as 1/6 scale model and comes in at 23 cm tall per Native’s specs, and is almost as wide. She has a lot of volume and heft to her. I started unboxing her before I thought to even take pictures of the process, so we’ll pick up somewhere in the middle.

This was listed as a second-hand product on Mandarake, about the only way you’ll get this figure these days as her original run was made to order as most Native figures seem to be. Despite this, she came in near pristine condition. Above you see the craters that make up the base and the unassembled tentacles. These came still tied and sealed into the blister pack, by the look of the knots on the ties they had never been removed. Another great score was she still came with all of her instructions, decals, and her comic.

Whomever owned this before was either completely anal retentive about its care or never unboxed this figure. Either way, this was a real delight to see the whole set in tact when I opened her up.

Mko comes with a lot of accessories, all of which are optional. You can choose which of the items you want to display her with at your own discretion. These accessories really are what truly impressed me, and I’ll go into detail on that as we go.

All of these pieces are well-built, solid, and match the rest of the materials used in the figure exactly. Nothing feels too tight to get into to place or runs any risk of tearing or breakage just from assembly. Most importantly, perhaps the first time in a very long time – every piece of her outfit actually fit together. I have always had problems with clothing held together by small flimsy pegs that never quite fit back into place after you take them off once (Megahouse’s QB series are a nightmare in this regard). Inevitably I’m always left with some flap of clothing sticking out-of-place because it simply won’t hold back together. None of that here. The only piece that didn’t fit back exactly was her right leg which I only noticed when reviewing the photos for this review, all that was needed to remedy this was a light push back into place. You’ll still see it though since I didn’t feel it detracted enough from the review to re-shoot again.

Now, while the outfit was a breeze to assemble – the base was not. It’s not rocket science by any means, but there can be science involved. Literally. These tentacles fit into the craters tightly it took some real brute force to cram them in. Native was aware of this and included diagrams that seem to recommend (I’m going just on the pictures) the use of a hair dryer to make it more pliable for fitting the tentacles into place. The laws of thermodynamics finally have a practical use I guess.

On to Mko herself; the material used for the skin surprised me when I first touched her. It’s not a solid PVC but a soft material with some give to it that’s wrapped around a solid core. Most of her body is like this and the areas that aren’t have no color or texture difference. There is one visible seam down her right side. It’s masked very well by her pose and since her skin is that soft material it’s not a harsh edge more like a slight raise in the skin. Example below:

On mine, I found a manufacturing flaw on one of her accessories. The metal ring around her torso has a few extra indents and dings on the front. With it being an optional accessory it could always be left off without taking away from her appearance.

The paint job on this is spot on, there isn’t much shading or texturing to it, just some simple detailing here and there. The cartoonish look makes it feel like you’re watching a scene straight out of a manga or anime. The choice of materials also helps the paint job a lot, the tentacles have a semi-opaque/frosted appearance making them stand out and contrast to the bright, solid colors of Mko’s spacesuit.

The paint quality is held up on the accessories as well. One of the coolest features of this figure is her gun. It looks like something straight out of an old science-fiction serial and the details and paint on it hold up to the rest of the figure.

Two other paint details that caught my attention is her eyes, they have a lot expressiveness to them, and the jewel/pendent around her neck is simply awesome up close.

The design and pose, well – it’s an ero figure. Some are going to be put off by that right away. I find her half-shocked salute to the creature to be adorable. It’s a comedic scene with her trying to be formal and diplomatic despite the situation. The main focal point of the pose itself is a panty-shot taken to the extreme. Unlike Native’s more recent figures she is not fully articulated, removing the codpiece you find a hole for the outfit to attach into. Oddly though, she is articulated in other areas when less clothing is obscuring the view.

The rest of the pose works well, nothing about the positioning is forced to achieve the spread-eagle view. It flows well and looks like natural body positioning and physics which is a rarity in most ero figure lines. Native proves its status as the premium ero manufacturer on the market here. The right pigtail does look slightly out-of-place but it was clearly necessary to get the pose and assembly to work. They try to mask it and use it to convey sense of motion but it is slightly too asymmetric to the other pigtail. This probably could have been remedied if they had made the pigtail removeable.

Photo Gallery:

Summary: I’m ecstatic to own Mko, everything about her is top quality from the top of her head to her tentacled associate. A plethora of accessories, amazing sculpt that fits together perfectly and hides all the connections, and a simple but detail oriented paint job that looks crisp and clean. There are one or two manufacturing flaws but they’re so well hidden and minor that most would never notice. The adult pose may be off-putting but if you don’t mind ero figures, Native’s Kousoku Mko is one of the best you’ll ever find.

Paint: 10/10
Pose: 10/10
Quality/Sculpt: 10/10
Overall: 10/10


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